Saturday, 7 January 2012

Another story

And od course, the blog post below is nothing but yet another story... A story running through this character's head... Does anyone know anything for sure?

Friday, 6 January 2012

2012, Special or not?

It is the beginning of 2012, a new year, a fresh beginning. Of course, all a new year is, is a concept, a man-made division, but useful nonetheless, and a chance to review and rethink.

So what happens now? Is the world going to continue on its mad path of wars, power struggles, greed? Or will there be the end of the world, a 'paradigm shift' or 'wave of awakenings', as many would have us believe? Anything at all? Who knows. I was skeptical, thinking what a load of nonsense all this hype was.

Now, I watch what's going on in the world, in Liberation Unleashed, other sites like it, spiritual books selling like hot cakes, and I stop short. Loads of people seem to be having spontaneous awakenings, or looking for places such as Unleashed in a state of readiness, and I wonder. Is there really anything to be said for this, are people really 'popping' all over the place,  or is it just that I am looking from this perspective, 'in that interest group' so finding similar thoughts, similar people.? I don't think so. A question someone had put up in our group, whether the people working in LU had a vision to help heal the world, or was it just a hobby made me think and write about this.

Will the world change if enough people awaken? Do people change from their innocent but egoistic, selfish behavior after liberation? I would think so. When you know you are not a separate entity, the drive for 'me' and 'mine' becomes so significantly less. I won't say disappears completely, because, of course, you continue to eat and survive (leaving aside the discussion about how much conditioning survives awakening, and how much is animal instinct), but SO MUCH of our previous behavior seems pointless, in fact completely deluded at times. This is what I've felt, and would love to know if such behavior has changed in others. From my discussions in our groups, it definitely seems so.

After all, if your belief in yourself as a separate entity goes, then everything is as much ‘you’ or rather 'not you' as you yourself. No separation or boundaries. I see a starving child on TV, and tears roll down my face, at that moment, it is as I AM that child. I see love in a person's expression, and I feel love in MY  heart, and tears of joy appear. I can't watch emotional or depressive movies anymore, it sometimes gets to be too much emotion to handle. Perhaps this is different to how a realized person 'should' behave, but this is how it is here.  Why would I need or want to harm others? The very idea seems preposterous. There is so much love being felt.  After all, isn't it our belief in our ‘selves' which deludes us into fighting, working, struggling at the cost of others? No selves = no others.

Yes, to me, it really seems the world would be a better place if people were awake to reality. So I feel the work being done at Liberation Unleashed, and other places like it, is invaluable and I hope more and more people are inspired to help others. Unfortunately, the way to reality has been so shrouded in layers and layers of mystery, spiritual mumbo-jumbo, religious rituals and practices, that it is difficult to see how simple and attainable it is. Kudos to LU for stripping it of those layers and presenting it as it is.

And if enough people do come on board, perhaps 2012 WILL be special and the year of LOVE.