Friday, 26 December 2014

Ramblings (in parts)

“There is no separate entity ‘you’”

What a simple sentence, but until you actually SEE it, you do not realize what that seeing through this illusion, this belief in this separate ‘you’, means for, well, your entire world.

We are conditioned from an early age to believe in ourselves. Society, family, religion, the mind, it all works together to create layers and layers of beliefs and conditioning. So much so that the very idea of questioning this core belief that we might not actually be an entity is unthinkable. We strive, trying to make ourselves more successful, better, richer, more knowledgeable, happier than others, sure in our knowledge that once we achieve whatever our goals are set on at that moment, we will be happy.

And yet, even after all that striving, most of us are not happy or at peace, going from place to place and from distraction to distraction in search of that ‘something’ that will bring that elusive contentment to us, not realizing that all it does is bring us a very temporary joy. When we achieve the goals we set out for ourselves, we are happy for a short time, and then the yearning for more starts again. Some of us become ‘seekers’, ending up with religious or spiritual teachers who are either in it for the money or fame, or with those who think they have ‘got it’ but in actuality they have only achieved levels of knowledge or amassed spiritual experiences.  Many take their students or followers on wild goose chases, knowingly and many-a-times, unknowingly. After all, they think they’ve reached the highest levels of enlightenment, and so lead their students down the same paths of reading, praying, hours of meditation, chanting, self-deprivation and the like, having them believe that ‘it’ can only be achieved through long striving and, unfortunately, creating layers of further conditioning. Long and arduous paths are created along with high expectations of ecstasy, bliss and miracles, amongst others.

Reality is far, far simpler. It is the simplest thing, the only thing. And it cannot be achieved or received through knowledge, it can only be realized.

Once we actually start to question if ‘we’ actually exist as separate entities, honestly, bravely and with focus, the entire structure starts to crumble like a house of cards. We realize how everything, everything that we believed to be true, actually isn’t. We have literally created ourselves, and hence, our worlds.

Simply put, life is simply happening. Not to anyone, by anyone or for anyone. It simply is - whole, undivided and all-encompassing.
When this is realized, actually SEEN, life takes on a completely different flavor. Nothing changes: problems remain, the ups and downs of life come and go - and yet, everything changes forever.

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